Faculty of Technical Engineering

College's Message

The College of Technical Engineering seeks to be a leader in the field of education, academic and research, which contributes to the development of the local community through highly qualified graduates and the ability to develop various service institutions that serve the community in various fields through the field of knowledge, The team has a variety of scientific expertise using modern scientific laboratories and specialized.


• To refine the student's scientific and practical character so that he can serve the community to the fullest.
• Preparing the distinguished professional and academic graduates in one who can compete in the field of work after graduating, both locally and regionally.
• Work on the development of new specialties, which makes capacity in the fields of work and the multiplicity of public services in local and global partners.

Study Plan for the General Department

First Semester Courses - 21 Units

General Chemistry I (GS111)
General Physics I (GS112)
Mathematics I (GS113)
Principle of Computer I (GS114)
English I. (GS115)
General Culture (GS116)
Engineering Drawing I (GS117)

Second Semester Courses -22 Units

General Chemistry II (GS121)
General Physics II (GS122)
Mathematics II (GS123)
Computer Application II (GS124)
English II (GS125)
Arabic language (GS126)
Engineering Drawing II(GS127)